My 1952 Ford F1 Pickup Is An Awesome Resto Rod Combining The Incredible Nostalgic Look Of Yesterday While Meeting Today's Performance Standards. It's Amazing.

And before I go into details about this amazing 1952 Ford F1 Pickup Street Rod, let me just say that:


OK, Let's get into some specifics.

The truck is "motorvated"....moved by a brand new Mr. Goodwrench crate 5.7 350 cubic inch V8 along with a new GM 350 transmission....beefed up of course for some extra performance.

The engine has had a really nice performance intake added and it looks great, sounds great, and performs great too.

Of Course, the cooling system has been updated with a really good high quality radiator to accommodate the new drivetrain and the great Vintage Air/Heat that cools and heats the cabin.

A lot of thought and innovation went into this amazing 1952 Ford F1 Pickup Street Rod. Do you notice the grille? Can you tell me what's different about it? Most people can't.

Of Course, the chrome speaks for itself. On the stock pickup, the grilles are usually painted gray or white. But look a little harder.

The stock 1952 Ford F1 Pickup grille normally only has 3 vertical "teeth". This one has 5.

Isn't that cool?

And quite expensive to come up with in the process. But this truck deserved the love and attention it got.

Now here's another subtle but totally cool thing to consider. Look at the cab from the side. Notice anything?

Probably not but the cab was "chopped" 2", meaning that the cab is 2" shorter than the stock cab. Which doesn't effect your comfort at all as there is plenty of headroom.

But it's a great effect and looks soooooo good.

The pictures were taken on my phone and don't do the paint job justice. It is quite metallic and in the sun literally grabs your eyes. Looks great.

The interior is exceptionally nice and like I mentioned, it has a great Vintage Air/Heat system to keep you comfortable during those poker runs, trips to the car shows, or just while cruising or touring. Check out the awesome chrome tilt steering column.....Nice. Has the original gauges for looks but also has a real nice set of new gauges directly to the right. Totally looks cool.

Oh, did I mention it has Electric Windows and a great Stereo? Don't think I did.....AND IT DOES.

Oh, thought I might mention that this truck was used for advertising for State Farm Insurance Companies, thus the cool license plate on the truck.

The truck can be bought for a very reasonable price of $25000.

I will also entertain trades for a really nice low mileage trike (no voyager please) or perhaps another antique/custom/streetrod auto.

I can be reached at 915-276-1505 and the truck is in El Paso, TX.