My 1975 Mercedes 450SLC is a rare car under any circumstances. To find one with under 70,000 original miles is a rare find indeed.

Please be aware that these are OLDER PICTURES and don't truly represent the condition of the paint on the car.

The paint is currently peeling all over....primarily the clear coat and there is alot of fading. It will definitely need a repaint to get close to it's previous glory. But it's definitely worth the effort.

There is no rust or body damage on the car. It spent the majority of its life in DRY DRY New Mexico. All it needs is paint at this point.

Miles on the clock at the time of this posting is about 68272...original miles.

This was Mercedes Benz's most expensive car at the time and was built on the C107 chassis. Accordingly, very very limited production. Total production of the car was about 7000 with very few remaining, and fewer having these low miles..

The car runs strong with about 240 bhp and a 3 speed automatic transmission. Brand new brakes help it stop and the air conditioning works perfect with a brand new compressor. Heater works great too.

The interior is in excellent condition and the engine compartment looks good and it hasn't even been detailed. There are a few cracks in the dash..nothing major and easily repairable but with the dashmat they are not spreading.

Also, the passenger seatbelt receiver needs to be replaced as it doesn't grab the belt.

It also has beautiful chrome racing wheels by BBS. The tires at this point still hold air but they are dry cracked and need replacement. 

The NADA Classic Auto Value guide shows High Retail at $16400, Average Retail at $11700, and Low Retail at $8100. I have provided the Link directly below this so you can see for yourselves.

1975 Mercedes 450SLC NADA VALUES

Given the Low Miles and the great condition of the body (no rust), I know this car can easily bring Average Retail. If I was to have the few things done like a new paint job, etc, it would easily bring High Retail. 

So I will sell the car in its current condition for $8000 or I will be willing to entertain an interesting Motorcycle Trade. Let me know what you have.

Again, I can be reached at 915-276-1505 and the car is in El Paso, TX

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