This 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 will do it all for you, whether your plodding up a dirt road or going cross town to attend a meeting. It's versatility will make you smile. I would classify it as an Adventure Tourer. It would also be classified as an Street Legal Enduro.

The 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 received a major mechanical and cosmetic facelift by Kawasaki. Improved engine characteristics and suspension upgrades as well as some great looking bodywork changes, it's the one to have.

This is actually my Pastor's personal bike. He bought a bigger bike for doing some trips to California and he is selling this with much trepidation as it has been such a reliable and trustworthy bike. So as a favor to him I am listing his bike for him on my website.

If you are interested in this wonderful machine, please contact him personally at 915-799-5668.

His name is Pastor Warren Hoyt but you can certainly call him Warren.

He personally installed locking ammo box panniers (sidebags) and the top bag and the bike has plenty of carrying capacity for luggage, papers, etc.

There is also a set of highway pegs to stretch out a bit on longer trips and there is also a nice set of crashbars in the front to protect the bike should you happen to take a spill.

These bikes are famous for longevity and reliability. The bike currently has about 29534 miles on it but the entire engine's top end was redone by Ace Moto in El Paso, TX at approximately 22600 miles so essentially you are buying a bike with a very fresh and tight motor. They put on new rings and valve seals. It runs and rides perfectly.

And I would like to put in a small free plug for Ace Moto. They have been totally considerate in helping the Pastor with the bike asking for absolutely nothing but an occasional smile. These are good Christian folks. I plan on using these people in the future on my own motorcycle repairs. They truly deserve your business.

They are located at 3330 Gateway Blvd East, El Paso, TX 79905. Their telephone number is


The bike can be seen at Ace Moto but you will be dealing with the owner of the bike if you wish to discuss or buy it.  Again, his number is 


The tires are in excellent shape. There is a BRAND NEW REAR TIRE being installed so it will have 0 miles at the time of your purchase. The front tire is fairly new as well.

The asking price for this 2008 Kawasaki KLR650 is $3250. As with most things for sale, I suspect there is some room for negotiation. Talk to Warren. He's a great guy and I'm sure he will be happy to work with you. 915-799-5668