ATV HONDA: A 4 Wheel Dirt Motorcycle. Extremely Capable And Versatile-MUCHO FUN

The atv honda is an amazing blending of motorcycle and 4 wheel technology. It comes in many shapes and sizes to appeal to virtually every type of rider; from the youngster to the person up in years. ATV's appeal to the racer and the the sportsman and the worker. The versatility is amazing.....and the bottom line is they are DROP DEAD FUN!!!

As it turns out, the Japanese Motorcycle manufacturers are the leaders in ATV technology. Any surprises here?? The atv honda is my favorite...ahem, but some amazingly nice atv's are made by Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Polaris as well, just to name a few.

I would tend to break down the categories of these fine machines into two (2) major categories; Sports ATV Category and the Utility ATV Category. But understand one thing; they are all fun. Talk to a rancher sometime that is using his utility ATV to round up some cattle or to get to an area that he can't get to on his ranch using any other mode of transportation. Ask him if it's all work when he rides that Utility ATV.'s fun too.

Many times you will go to a great place for a Sport ATV to flaunt its stuff, and you will see many Utility ATVs riding the trails

or going up steep hills, but usually at a much slower pace than the Sports ATV.

You will see many people decked out in specific atv or motorcycle apparel, proudly displaying the brand or model that they ride.

There are some "do's and don'ts" when riding an ATV.

  • Do know your terrain prior to blindly racing up a hill, perhaps to find that there is a sheer cliff waiting at the crest.
  • Do not go riding out into the vast horizon taking a 20 mile ride without proper provisions or taking a buddy rider along.
  • Do be aware of your surroundings; know where the other riders on their ATV's and dirt motorcycles are located. Many people have gotten seriously injured jumping off a hill or blindly racing around a curve only to find that a fellow rider was doing the same thing in the opposite direction. Riding ATV's should be fun and SAFE. It's totally up to you and your fellow riders.
  • Don't load up your machine and drive out to the hills only to find when you attempt to ride that there is a mechanical difficulty that won't allow it. Trust me, from my own personal experience I can tell you that very few things are more frustrating than this. So, visually inspect your ATV, check all fluids and tire pressures, and start the machine prior to heading out. This will prevent the headaches....sort of a verbal aspirin so to

If you attempt to climb a hill and get stuck on the slope, my suggestion is to lean foward towards the front wheel and slowly back straight down rather than attempting a turn which will usually result in the atv flipping down the hill. And in this scenario, I would try to use the front brake to slow my progress and using the back brake can cause the front end to rear up and once again causing the bike to flip backwards.

Do be respectful of your fellow riders rights and right of way. It is better to back down and live to talk about it than be stubborn and spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair insisting that you had the "right of way".

And of course, DO HAVE FUN!!!

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