Destruction of a indian motorcycle

by Charles Santos
(Naugatuck,Ct 06770)

When i was 16 years old,i knew an old lady who had a indian of white/cream indian with a side car atached to it.It had been brought from Newark NJ to the town of Murtosa/Portugal where i was living.I asked the lady if it was for sale,and she told me that she had tried to give it away,and nobody wanted it,and it was mine if i wanted it.The bike had been in the garage for 17 years,and was not running.I asked a friend to take the bike away on a flat trailler pulled by a farm tractor.Few months latter,i went to France where i ended staying for 4 years,and when i returned the bike was gone.Without telling me,my father wacked the bike and sold it for scrap metal.The bike was mint.I guess he commited a crime,but he did not know any better

Editor's Note: Ah yes....parents. Sometimes they do incredibly dumb things but you still have to love em. After all, I'm a

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