Honda VTX Motorcycles are large displacement V-Twin motorcycles with an abundance of power....great looks....and famous Honda Reliability. They are truly a great ride. They were made in 2 engine sizes: a 1300cc model and an 1800cc model. There were various submodels in each engine size. All are reliable, powerful, and fun to ride. And look pretty cool in the process.

Honda VTX Motorcycles were ultimately discontinued by Honda to make way for new models and so that the new models and the Honda VTX Motorcycles wouldn't offset each other. However, they are still great bikes and the parts are readily available and you can get some pretty good deals on one right now. They will never be collectible in the sense that the manufacturing numbers were way too big for them to ever become really rare.

For those unfamiliar with the specs of my the Honda VTX1800; I have provided them below for your review. It's truly an amazing motorcycle.

Engine Specs

The Honda VTX1800R's engine is a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, rubber-mounted, 52-degree V-twin engine with three valves per cylinder and single overhead cams. The engine's bore and stroke were 101mm by 112mm, creating overall combustion chamber displacement of 1,795cc. The compression ratio is 9.0 to 1. The VTX1800R produces 106 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and maximum torque of 120 pound-feet at 3,500 rpm. Top speed on the VTX1800R was 134 miles per hour. Transmission Specs

The VTX1800R had a five-speed (one down, four up) transmission. A shaft final drive transferred power from the transmission to the rear wheel. At the time of production, a shaft drive was the only option since none of the belt drive systems available could handle the engine's torque. The VTX1800R, like most motorcycles, had a multiplate wet clutch. Honda equipped the VTX1800R with a heel-toe shifter. BodyHonda built the VTX1800R around a steel tubular cradle frame. The classic cruiser styling of the VTX1800R was enhanced by full fenders, a chrome-hooded headlight, pullback handlebars, floorboards and staggered dual exhaust. Two 296mm discs with three-piston calipers in the front and a single 316mm disc with a two-piston caliper in the rear provide stopping power. Honda uses a unique linked braking system on the VTX1800R. The rear brake pedal activates the rear brake as well as one of the three pistons on the front brake calipers. The suspension features a 45mm inverted front fork and adjustable dual rear shock absorbers. Instrumentation on the VTX1800R included speedometer, odometer, tripmeter and warning lights for fuel injection, coolant temperature, oil pressure, low fuel, neutral, turn indicators and high beam.Dimensions  The 2002 VTX1800R has a wheelbase of 67.5 inches and a seat height of 27.5 inches. Honda equipped the big cruiser with a 150/80R-17 radial tire in the front and a 180/70R-16 radial tire in the rear. The dry weight of the VTX1800R is 741 pounds. Fuel capacity is 4.4 gallons and average fuel consumption is 42 miles per gallon 

Check out the link directly below for my incredible 2002 VTX1800 Corbin Equipped bike for AWESOME RIDE.

 Honda VTX Motorcycles - My 2002 VTX1800 CORBIN BIKE FOR SALE

My 2006 honda vtx1300 with under 300 original miles. Link directly below.

2006 vtx1300 with under 300 original miles

One of my two honda VTX trikes that I have had the pleasure of owning. Link directly below.

My 2004 VTX 1800 Trike

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