Honda Motorcycles are the product of Motorcycle Evolution. Who is The Inventor Of Motorcycles who made this all possible?

The Inventor Of Motorcycles. No folks, I am not starting an argument about evolution and the history of We are just talking about who invented motorcycles and the history of the machine known as a motorcycle. If it wasn't for the original Inventor, our modern day Honda and other fine machines might just be a figment of our imagination. And hondamotorcycles-usedmotorcycles wouldn't be here right now providing all of this entertainment

In 1869, an inventor named Sylvester Roper made a steam powered bicycle, which can be said was the first motorcycle. The inventor of motorcycles was proud of his steam powered motorcycle and commented that "It would climb any hill and outrun any horse." This comment has come true today thanks to these innovative people who had an idea and fought through the obstacles to pursue it. Roper died in 1869 at the ripe age of 73 while riding his third version motorcycle. That is what I would call as "living out the dream" pun intended.

The inventor of German origin, Gottleib Daimler combined the idea of a bicycle and an internal combustion engine and presented it to the consumer... the worlds first production motorcycle. It was in 1885. Does the name sound familiar? Ever heard of Mercedes Benz? He used a petrolium engine in his motorcycle. Wilhelm Maybach who is also from Germany worked with Gottleib Daimler to invent a light weight and efficient petroleum powered internal combustion engine. The work of these two inventors produced an engine that can be used in motorcycles and all other motor vehicles.

Daimler was apparantly a bit hard to get along with. Or perhaps he was such a perfectionist that he couldn't find a woman that looked as good to him as his He remained unmarried until he dies in 1900 at the age of 66. Daimler was an amazing inventor, giving the world the first sparking plug (sparkplug) in 1883, a motorcycle in 1885 and a car in 1886. Daimler, before inventing his internal combustion engine has worked as an assistant to Dr.Nicholas Otto who also made gasoline engines.

Wilhelm Maybach who was the technical director of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft also played a big role in the designing of the ancestors of todays motor vehicles.

The first motorcycle Daimler created that was first test driven had a wooden frame. Daimler’s son rode the motorcycle at ta speed of 12kmph through a country road in Germany. The single cyclinder engine was fan cooled and had a power of 0.5HP. Doesn't sound very quick? Better than walking and no...we aren't talking about exercise so no arguments

The invention of these predecessors to the modern notorcycle have changed the world as we know it. They have helped create an economical and enjoyable form of traveling. Needless to say, motorcycle production has also changed to a large scale industry. Today the world leaders in motorcycle manufacturing are Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson and many others that I haven't mentioned which are equally loved their owners that ride them.

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