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This is a motorcycle picture of an amazing Used Suzuki motorcycle, it being my late 1985 Suzuki 1150-E which was in amazing shape (unlike myself I might and provided plenty of bang for the buck. It was powerful and fast and very reliable.

What you say??? Richard with yet another used mototcycle that wasn't a Honda?

Let me give you a quick breakdown of my motorcycle history. Probably won't be complete as my memory isn't necessary complete But my love for motorcycles started when I was 15 and I had made a neighborhood friend named Dwight. Dwight owned what I believe was a 1967 Honda CB450 which was the coolest bike I had ever seen (at the time). Black and chrome and with a very distinguishable sound. I always knew when he was coming up the block and I always tried to be outside when he was because I knew he would stop and I would get to look at that amazing motorcycle. And then with my parent's permission, he would take me on rides around the block and at that point I got the motorcycle "bug" and it has never gone away. So indeed, my first actual love of a motorcycle was a Honda.

I became 16 and I had saved and saved on my newpaper route....saved every penny and I had already gotten my dad to commit to letting me buy a new motorcycle if I could save enough. I think he agreed because he knew it would help me learn responsibility but I believe in the back of his mind he never thought I would follow through with the hard work and the continuous saving. I sacrificed movies...sodas...NOTHING. Every penny went towards that first motorcycle purchase.

And guess what it turned out to be. Nope, not a Honda. I was a brand new 1968 Kawasaki 650-H2 Commander (see picture above text) at the price of $1369.00 which was every single penny that I had managed to save. And a Commander it was. It commanded my time, my wallet, and my attention. A beautiful machine tank with chrome insets, but it turned out to be a real headache mechanically. The dealer tried and tried to get things right but it was a first year model and had inherent problems (mostly in the heads) which they never could rectify and after 1 1/2 years of aggravation, I sold it at a great loss financially. But my love of motorcycles was not swayed....just temporarily deterred as I was

So, I worked my way next bike being a used Honda Motorcycle....a rather ratty and loud (exhaust pipes were cut) CB160. But it was a motorcycle and got me places and I loved it nonetheless.

But with the top picture of my 1985 Suzuki 1150-E, let me say that I probably had more Suzukis in my earlier motorcycle days than any other brand. They were great...amazingly reliable and could get the job done...regardless of what you were using them for. I have had Suzuki TC-90's, a Suzuki TS185, 3 Suzuki TS-250's...a totally wonderful dual purpose street legal enduro that was virtually bulletproof and looked great too, a Suzuki T-500 (an amazingly reliable motorcycle that I took my first cross country motorcycle tour on), several GT-750's (water buffalos) that have a very dangerous inherent handling problem (found out after I almost killed myself during a 90mph crash). Suddenly developed a violent speed wobble that I couldn't control and I crashed.

So, Suzuki motorcycles have been a very important part of my motorcycle life.

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