This 1977 Suzuki TS250 Brings Back Amazingly Fond Motorcycle Memories

Wow, am I ever excited. I feel giddy...oh so giddy (sung to "I feel Pretty" from Westside Story) Guess what? I have just purchased a used Suzuki motorcycle, it being a 1977 Suzuki TS250 Savage with only 2700 original miles and in wonderful shape. And I don't understand why my wife is so upset. Just because we are going to have to give up a few good meals and perhaps a roof over our heads...what's the big deal about that? LOL. Any biker babes out there want to put up with an eccentric guy who just sometimes has to have his toys? Let me

Anyway, I used to have a Suzuki TS250 almost like this one when I was about 18 or 19. Mine was red in color but identical other than that. For you diehard Honda fans (myself included), I sort of apologize for spending so much time on a marque other than Honda but truly...the Suzuki TS250 was a totally reliable bulletproof machine that would accept just about any mistreatment you could throw at it and it would keep coming back for more. And I loved my TS250. So when this motorcycle became available, know the story...I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. I will take my own pictures and post them once it's delivered to my location.


suzuki ts250 sales brochure

Just a few words about the Suzuki TS250 in general. It has a wonderful "Power Reed" Valve 2 stroke engine, oil injected for convenience and good lubrication. It has a low compression engine (6.5 to 1) so that it can basically use any fuel put into it. It starts easily, usually on the 1st or second kick. They weight about 280 lbs with a full tank (2.5 gallons give or take) so they're not as light as a true motocrosser but they are light and powerful enough to allow you to do some semi-serious dirt riding and easily get to your location on your city's streets and highways. They have good balance...I used to jump these bikes so high I'm surprised that the bike and I survived my Just another testament to the rugged and reliable nature of this fine machine. This may end up as another of my amazing used motorcycles for sale on my website but for the moment, just enjoy the pictures as they are added. Keep an eye open though, because if and when it is listed, it's going to go fast. These wonderful Suzuki motorcycles had a very loyal and happy following.